Lunch Recipe for Hypoglycemics

Ok, so this really isn’t a “recipe”  per se, but this is my typical lunch.

Lunch box with fruit, bread, cheese, and vegetables

Armed with my Tupperware Sandwich Keeper (Damn! It looks like they no long make this one, but have other divided dish set), I pack it with:

1 cup of pineapple or some other fruit

A slice or two of bread (depending on how many carbs it is)

A die size hunk of cheese (nope, that’s not caramel, it’s my fave cheese in the whole wide word, Gjetost Ski Queen)

A handful of veggies (usually cucumbers or carrots)


So, just for fun, here’s the calorie/carbs/fat/protein breakdown for this particular set:

1 cup pineapple: 75/19/0/0

Ciabatta bread (2  slices) 260/52/2/0

Gjetost cheese: 130/12/8/3

Cucumber (1/2): 23/11/0/0

Total: 458/94/10/3

Holy crap…looks like I need to trade in a piece of bread for more protein. And who knew that cheese has 12 g of carbs. No wonder I’m starving by 3pm!


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