Wearing a medical alert

If you are a hypoglycemic, you MUST wear a medical alert! It’s not an option and yet, I know so many hypoglycemics that don’t. What if you pass out? How will people know what’s wrong? Will they think you are diabetic and give you MORE insulin and drop your blood sugar further? These are risks you shouldn’t be willing to take.

Where should you wear your medical alert?

After causally interviewing multiple EMT’s, nurses, and one Emergency Room doctor, I’ve come to the conclusion that it should be around your wrist or around your neck. Although they make anklets, everyone in the field I talked to said they don’t check ankles, they only check wrists and neck.

It is probably best to wear it both places, but after having a lot of inconsiderate people come up, point to my bracelet, and ask what’s “wrong with me,” I’ve decided that I’ll only wear a necklace.

How to wear your medical alert

This is entirely up to the individual. Most people I know wear their medical alert on an extra-long necklace so that only the chain can be seen. This is how I wear mine. I bought a really long silver chain so the charm sits right under my bra (I put the necklace on and then the bra so the bra pins it in place). Since no one will see it except during an emergency, I put the clasp part of the chain down by the charm.  The long chain also allows me to wear another necklace around my neck and not have it be too distracting.

I originally had a steel ball chain, but after having one too many people ask about my “dog tags,” I switched to a very thin sterling snake chain I found on ebay. It works really well!

What information should I put on it?

Clearly, the fact that you are hypoglycemic should be on there. That is all that is on my bracelet. But, for my new necklace (pictured below), I decided more information would be better, so mine reads, “Hypoglycemic. Needs liquid sugar (pop, juice, frosting). Call [my emergency contact] at [her phone number].”

Does it have to be ugly?

There are a wide variety and  many pretty medical alert necklaces and bracelets now available. Below are my two that I wear. Most of the time, I wear the necklace, but, if I’m wearing something that won’t lend itself to the necklace, I’ll wear the bracelet. I got the necklace from Oneida Medical Jewelry and the bracelet from Morrison Jewelers.

medical alert necklace, medical alert bracelet,
My medical alert necklace and bracelet.


I hope this helps!


Up-to-date information on hypoglycemia

This blog reflects my journey of learning and understanding hypoglycemia. This means that some of my older posts may have information that is out-of-date as I’ve learned more or research has changed. For the most updated macro-level information on living with hypoglycemia, please visit Up-to-date info on hypoglycemia (start here) page.

If you’re curious if the information in a particular post is still accurate, please feel free to leave a comment on the post asking and I’ll respond letting you know if there is any updated information.

Thanks for reading!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kati says:

    Is your chain stainless steel, or sterling silver? Do you have any problems with it rusting in the water when you swim or take a shower?

    1. administrator says:

      Hi Kati!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      My chain is stainless steel. I take mine off when I shower, workout, or swim. I’m usually with friends who are well aware of my condition so it’s not a big deal. If you really want to wear one during water/sweat activities, they do make rubber medical alert bracelets.

      I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any more questions!

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