Quinoa, a quality source of carbohydrates and protein

Quinoa salad (and it looks like the right portion of quinoa). Photo from Flickr karenandbrademerson

Hypoglycemics need to eat protein every three hours along with carbs. I can only eat a certain amount of chicken, eggs, nuts and cheese before I start getting really bored with my food (for a good list of protein sources, see Outline of a Hypoglycemic Diet) and need to try new things. My newest venture was quinoa (keen-WAH). It’s a grain, but packs an amazing amount of protein as well!

It was a little difficult to find in the grocery store, but I eventually found it next to the couscous. I was shocked at how tiny the bag was and thought, “Really? This is it?”. I followed package instructions and used 3/4 cup of the dry quinoa. To my amazement, it expanded quite a bit! The serving size for quinoa is 1/2 cup, and the dry mix expanded to 2 cups (4 servings).

The taste is very bland and slightly unusual, but I found I really enjoyed it once I added a little bit of olive oil and salt. My only complaint? A 1/2 cup is 47g of carbs, which is pretty much my whole carb count for a meal. Plus it packs in 12g of protein in a 1/2 cup, which means you really don’t need any meat with it. So, what do I do for the rest of the meal? That’s only 200 calories. I opted for a lot of non-starch veggies.

Bottom line: I’m definitely going to add quinoa into my diet mix from now on.


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  1. Laura says:

    I much prefer the taste (and look) of couscous. However, if I find a good recipe for jazzing up quinoa that’s easy I should try to eat more of it. I just find the translucent post-cooking look to be a little weird!

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