Pillsbury Sugar Free Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix review

Last week, I experimented with my Bible study group by buying and making Pillsbury’s Sugar Free Chocolate Fudge Brownie mix. As I’ve mentioned before, one of the hardest foods for me to give up when I found out I was hypoglycemic was brownies, so I was excited to see these.

I prepared the mix according to the directions on the box. The brownies came out well, but were smaller in thickness than I expected (and the photo on the box lead me to believe). But, they were very, very good. They have the consistency of a very moist fudge brownie, which is my favorite type of brownie. And, my Bible study could not tell they were sugar-free!

I should also mention that I’ve also had great success with Pillsbury’s Sugar Free Frosting.

One caution: Sugar-free anything does not necessarily mean “healthy,” “low-carb,” or “low-calorie” so be careful! There were 12 servings in one mix, so I cut the brownies in 12. That was a good portion for me, but it’s hard to resist more than that! There were about 30g of carbs and 150 calories per serving.

Now on to phase three of experimentation….how will my black bean brownie recipe mix with a sugar-free brownie mix. More to come on this!


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