Going to a new restaurant? Take 5 minutes and research the food.

A photo of a restaurant menu
Image from Flickr: leunix

Especially if you are going on a date or trying to impress someone, starting blankly at a menu trying to calculate carbs in your head and/or trying to figure out what you can eat as a hypoglycemic (and, in my case, a picky eater) isn’t good. So, do yourself a favor and take five minutes and research the menu ahead of time. Most restaurants have their menus online these days and many even have their nutritional information posted for you.


I was going to P.F. Changs with some of my friends and I happened to look online ahead of time. What I ended up ordering is NOT what I would have ordered had I not looked ahead of time. what I thought was one of the healthiest options was on of the worst. And, it was loaded with hidden carbs. I walked in educated, and ready to eat and I walked out happy and not sick because of it.


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