How much I spend on groceries

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July 2015 Update: Now that I’m on a higher protein diet and am trying to eat more sustainable meats and organic vegetables, it’s up closer to $275-$300.

Along with trying to take the best care of my health due to my hypoglycemia, I also try to take the best care of myself financially. A huge Dave Ramsey devotee, I took the time two days ago to look over my monthly expenditures for each “category” of spending and see how much I’ve spent. It was very eye-opening to see what I budgeted and what I actually spent, and I’ve since made some adjustments to my budget.

So, how much do I spend on average for groceries? $252 per month.

That seems high for a single person, but a lot of that is fruits and veggies, which I eat large quantities of and, unfortunately, are very expensive in the U.S. One might also point to the fact that I live in Houston, but I checked and I spent the same when I was living in a smaller town too.

How does this compare to what you are spending? If you aren’t hypoglycemic and reading this, I’m especially interested in hearing if this is different for you?


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  1. ohiasia says:

    I think $250 a month is great! I think people spend more than they realize, which is why it seems like a lot. I’m single like you, and don’t have any special dietary restrictions (so not hypoglycemic). I tracked my spending from ’09-’12 when I lived in Columbus, OH and my groceries were consistently between $250 and $400/month. I also spent an additional $100/month or so on going out to eat.

    1. nfinkbeiner says:

      Thanks so much ohiasia! That does help. And, I agree. If you totaled what I spend eating out, it would probably be $150 on top of that! I hope you are enjoying your exploration of Asia! GREAT blog!

  2. ohiasia says:

    Thanks for the compliment! Additionally, other than rent and bills, my discretionary spending every month was around $800-$1,000. (grocery, eating out, clothes, hair/makeup, gas, misc.) I also got inspiration from the blog of this crazy guy who lives in the Bay Area on $7,500/year. I’ll never be as hardcore as him, but he has some good tips:

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