Boston Market: Removed salt shakers, still a sodium issue

A sign on a Boston Market table that reads "Where's the salt shaker? Salt shakers are available at the beverage station, their new home, as Boston Market focuses on reducing sodium while delivering the same great taste."
Kind of fuzzy, but you get the idea

Dear Boston Market,

First, let me say how much I like your food. Seriously, I used to drive an hour and a half for your food until I moved to Houston. Now, conveniently, there’s one much closer.

But, we have to chat about your new signage and salt shaker policy. I saw this in the restaurant I visited yesterday. I’m glad you are taking a stand against high levels of sodium, but I think you are taking the wrong approach for the following reasons:

  • Putting the salt shaker 15 feet away isn’t going to stop me. I just walked over and got it.
  • A much better approach would be to LESSEN THE SODIUM IN YOUR FOOD! I had the 1/4 chicken white with mashed potatoes and green beans. I saved my cornbread for later, but since that’s part of the meal, let’s factor that in too. According to your Boston Market nutritional information, the sodium in that meal equals 1,970 mg. According to the Mayo Clinic’s healthy eating standards, the recommended sodium intake for a standard 2,000 calorie diet is 2,300 mg. So, my seemingly healthy meal from Boston Market had approximately 86% of an average person’s sodium intake for the day. And that’s prior to me adding salt.

So, as a friend, I’m recommending you rethink your solution to the sodium problem and remove the stupid signs.

Your friend,



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