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Edamame (soy beans) in their pods in a bowl.


The hypoglycemic diet calls for a lot of protein and that can be really hard! So, I’m constantly on the look-out for a variety of ways to incorporate protein into my diet. Particularly, I get sick of eating meat!

Enter edamame, also known as soy beans. I first had these at a Japanese restaurant with my friend Michele and have really fallen in love with them since. They are now a staple in my diet for protein. There are many nights where edamame, whole wheat pasta, and other vegetables are dinner!

You can get edamame in the pods in the freezer section of most grocery stores around the other vegetables. I pop them in the microwave and heat/steam them until warm. Then, I throw a bit of salt on them and eat them by sucking the beans out of the pods (you don’t eat the pods).

I also buy a dried version, Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame, but this isn’t nearly as tasty. In fact, it’s not tasty and it’s pretty chalky. But, if you are a hypoglycemic and need a protein other than nuts to travel with, it may be the way to go.

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Lady at my gym: Are you our new Zumba instructor?

Me: No, I’m just in the class.

Her: You look like you could be an instructor.

Me: Thanks!!!

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Dear Clif Bar,

Thank you so much for my very cool birthday present!  I was very excited to receive it in the mail and I can’t wait to try the bar! I really love your products and think highly of your company.

I really appreciate the kind and thoughtful gift.




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A family showing a week of groceries displayed on a table. The majority of the foods are processed foods.

Here’s the Revis Family representing America in California Photographer’s Peter Menzel collection of photographs of groceries for families around the world. Click on the photo to see all of the photos.

I was killing time on my Flipboard app yesterday when I noticed a cool photo journal titled, “Hungry Planet: What the World Eats – in pictures.” California Photographer Peter Menzel traveled to 24 countries  for the book Hungry Planet. The photo slideshow says that the point is to show “how much the world’s weekly groceries cost” and it does a good  job of that (it’s really sad in some cases).I was more interested in what people are EATING.

Not shockingly, the developed countries are eating a lot more processed foods than anyone else.  As I’ve mentioned before, processed foods can prevent you from losing weight and they aren’t good for you if you are hypoglycemic.

I know how much I spend on groceries, but I wonder, if I laid out my groceries on the table and took photographs, would I be happy with the results? Would you?  It might be an interesting experiment.

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