Edamame (soy beans), a great source of protein for hypoglycemics

Edamame (soy beans) in their pods in a bowl.

The hypoglycemic diet calls for a lot of protein and that can be really hard! So, I’m constantly on the look-out for a variety of ways to incorporate protein into my diet. Particularly, I get sick of eating meat!

Enter edamame, also known as soy beans. I first had these at a Japanese restaurant with my friend Michele and have really fallen in love with them since. They are now a staple in my diet for protein. There are many nights where edamame, whole wheat pasta, and other vegetables are dinner!

You can get edamame in the pods in the freezer section of most grocery stores around the other vegetables. I pop them in the microwave and heat/steam them until warm. Then, I throw a bit of salt on them and eat them by sucking the beans out of the pods (you don’t eat the pods).

I also buy a dried version, Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame, but this isn’t nearly as tasty. In fact, it’s not tasty and it’s pretty chalky. But, if you are a hypoglycemic and need a protein other than nuts to travel with, it may be the way to go.

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  1. Laura says:

    Oops, I think I did eat the pods once. Oh well, I’m still here. 😀

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