Useful tools in the kitchen series: Silicone baking dish

As a hypoglycemic, I spend a lot of time preparing foods in the kitchen. This series will go through some useful tools that I use in ways you may or may not of thought of.

Three silicone baking dishes, red, all nested in each other.
From Flickr: piepjemiffy

Useful tool: Silicone baking dish

I originally bought a 9 x 9 one of these for preparing baked goods. But I quickly figured out that things seem to bake much faster on this pan. Bad for baking goodies (it kept overcooking them), but MUCH faster when I need a quick meal.

My pan is ugly to say the least. First, it’s a dorky heart. Second, I used non-stick spray on it, which is apparently a no-no and turned patches of it brown. But, if I need to cook chicken or heat up an egg roll (a guilty pleasure of mine) fast, this pan is my go-to.


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