Diet rules I break all of the time

I understand, their intentions are good, but some of these new diet rules don’t make sense for everyone. And, most of the time, it’s about PORTION CONTROL above anything else.

Here are the diet rules that I, as a hypoglycemic, break all the time:

Dairy is evil.

Seriously??? I live on dairy. I actually have to limit myself to two glasses of milk a day. Otherwise, I’d be downing milk all day long. Also, for a hypoglycemic, 1 cup of low-fat milk is 100 calories, 7 grams of protein and a serving and a half of carbohydrates, making it the PERFECT composition for a great snack.  And cheese? Low-fat, low-sodium cheese is a great protein for a snack. And, by the way, for all you protein powder lovers out there, it’s also the base ingredient of whey protein.

Never, ever eat bread 

This one is equally laughable to me.  I eat bread all of the time. It’s wheat, whole grain, or some other dark bread 90% of the time, but it’s still bread. Peanut butter and honey sandwiches are one of my most favorite foods on earth and I love a healthy soup with a side of bread with A LITTLE cream cheese on it. I also limit how much bread I eat, but the limit is no more than three slices, or rolls, or whatever per day.

Eat salads

As a general rule, this is actually a good one to follow, but the problem is what we consider a “salad” in the US. Our salads are huge and have tons of crap on them, which kills the whole point of eating a salad. The MINUTE you add cheese, bacon bits, candied nuts, friend chicken, SALAD DRESSING, or anything else that isn’t “natural” onto your salad, you’ve killed it. Don’t think that eating a salad is healthier, it may not be.

Don’t eat 2 hours before bed

This one is probably a good rule for most people, but as a hypoglycemic? This is just not very realistic. If you have to eat every three hours, you’d have to time this so spectacularly each night so that you were eating exactly two hours before bed. Otherwise, you will have a hypoglycemic attack during the night. And those suck. I usually have a small snack, like a glass of milk, right before bed. That usually prevents hypoglycemic attacks during the night and I wake up in the morning mildly hungry.

No carbs (insert the latest trend here…for dinner….ever…with protein…)

Again, it MIGHT be a good rule for the average person (although, I doubt that), but the hypoglycemic diet calls for carbohydrates and protein at every three-hour meal or snack. So, this isn’t a possibility at all. The bigger thing here is to eat HEALTHY carbs such as fruits, whole grains, etc.


So there you have it. What “diet rules” do you break?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura says:

    Which diet rules do I break? Um…all of them… *sheepish*

    That would explain my weight! ha

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