Product fail: Apple holder

A red plastic apple container that is shaped to look like an apple A red plastic apple container that is shaped to look like an apple. this picture shows it taken apart so you can see the top compartment to hold the apple and the bottom compartment for your dipping sauce



As a hypoglycemic, I eat a lot of fruit. But, carrying fruit around with me is always a challenge as fruit, especially apples and bananas, is easily damaged in transport. Luckily, my grocery store has started carrying a line of containers for fruits and vegetables that are attractive (aka cute!) and protect them in transport. Each runs about $4.

I’ve had good luck with some of the others, but this apple holder is definitely a product fail for the following reasons:

  • It’s not big enough to hold the apples the store sells. I’ll be the first to admit that there is something horribly wrong with the super-size apples in the stores these days, but this container, which the same store sells, isn’t big enough to hold their own product of apples.
  • The dip holder doesn’t seal well. The compartment below for dips is a great idea. But, I put olive oil in it one day for my salad and found out that the seal isn’t the greatest on earth. I had a GREAT time cleaning olive oil out of my bag (sarcasm).

So, unless the apple is small enough to fit, I’m back to using the onion holder, which actually DOES hold an apple well, to transport my morning snack.  And, I bought a $2 small bottle of olive oil that I now just keep at work.




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