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Sometimes it’s just fun to watch human behavior. I’ve seen this scene play out time and time again. I’ve seen a gender switch of this too, but that’s for another day.

The scene: Beautiful athletic woman and a man that is semi-athletic. He’s come to the gym with her to impress her. They are doing her workout.

Phase 1: They walk in and the man is ready to go. He’s got this.

Phase 2: They start doing her workout. He starts to realize that, although he lifts weights, doing her workout is much different and really hard. He tries to keep up.

Strategy 1: He starts making jokes, “HOW many more of these are we doing?” and laughs. He keeps joking like for a while hoping she will ease up.

Strategy 2: Strategy 1 failed. Now he moves on to try to distract her with conversation. He wants to tell her about his day and ask about hers. He’s suddenly interested in how her mother is doing. Especially if there are breaks in the workout, he will keep asking her questions to try to extend those breaks. If not, he’ll try to distract during the workout.

Strategy 3: Strategy 2 sort of worked, but she’s still hell-bent on finishing the workout. He now moves on to compliments. “Wow, you work out really hard,” “You have such an amazing body anyway” and then expresses concern, “I don’t think you are drinking enough water. Here, have some water. I need some too” or “Maybe you are working out too hard, maybe your body needs to rest. Let’s be done for the day.”

Phase 3: Strategy 3 worked. They walk out and he’s happy it’s over and she feels great about herself.


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