A “non-smoking smoke break”-Taking a snack break at the bars/clubs

A group of people eating a snack
Photo from Flickr Creative Commons: Mai Le

One of the most difficult social situations, in my opinion, for a hypoglycemic, is to have to eat while out at a bar or club with friends. It is ESSENTIAL, especially if consuming alcohol, that a hypoglycemic still eat when they are supposed to, but it can be tough while out with friends.

I’ve already covered how to carry food with you at a bar/club, so today I’ll focus on how to eat in a way that is the least intrusive and socially acceptable. Note: These are only my opinions, you may think otherwise or have other ideas. If so, please comment! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

If you’re at a place that doesn’t serve food, it’s usually acceptable to eat inside. Most of my friends know I’m hypoglycemic and are used to me eating in front of them, so they think nothing of it. I choose snacks that are easily portable and discrete (usually a protein bar or individual portions of dried fruit and nuts). I’ll keep them as out-of-sight as possible, break-off individual bites and pop them in my mouth. The point here is to not hide it, but be discrete.

If the place does serve food and/or you are with someone you don’t feel comfortable eating in front of, I recommend taking what a former waitressing colleague of mine called a “non-smoking smoke break” (she got mad that smokers got breaks while we worked and we didn’t, so she came up with this).  I’ll usually excuse myself and go outside (where the smokers tend to be), quickly eat my snack, and then go back in.

Why, if the place offers food, should I not get their food?

  • It’s not healthy.
  • It doesn’t have the right combination of carbohydrates and protein you need.
  • For me personally: I’m on a limited budget and food costs money. I’d rather spend that money on better food/other types of fun.

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