When a free lunch/dinner ceases to be an incentive

An empty table at the famous Marchfelderhof Restaurant in Austria
Marchfelderhof Restaurant….oh how I miss Austria. Photo from Flickr Creative Commons, Dennis Jarvis.


One of the things I’ve noticed after becoming much more aware of my eating is that someone offering to buy me lunch or dinner has ceased to be an incentive. I’m not talking about  someone deciding to pick up my check when we are already out; what I’m talking about is those “why don’t I buy you lunch or dinner sometime” offers from salespeople, colleagues, etc.

The reality is, most restaurant food is terrible for you because of the amount of calories (want proof? check out the nutrition info for Pei Wei) and added chemicals and preservatives. And, being a hypoglycemic, I eat a lot, so food has ceased to be this wonderful sensual experience most of the time anyway (although I do love a good cheese plate).

Most of the world bonds over food and offering a free meal is a form of gift-giving.  I understand this, so I try to compromise for coffee or a drink or, if they are someone I am really comfortable with, I’ll offer to cook them a nice meal at my home.


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  1. Exactly! I have my carb consumption down to a daily science and more and more I don’t want anything to jeopardize that! Eating out has become this stressful research of what can I eat at this place. I prefer having people come over to my place.

  2. hyporesource says:

    Thanks for your reading and support! I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who thinks this way!

  3. kathi says:

    I just have a list of food I will eat at each place I go. That way I have a few places to suggest and I already know what I am going to order. Doesn’t help for new places – 😦

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