Protein powder throwdown: Juice Plus vs. Optimum Gold Standard


Juice Plus Complete Drink Mix: Chocolate

For a long time now, I’ve been using EAS Vanilla Myoplex as my main protein powder, but I won a bag of the Juice Plus Complete Drink Mix in chocolate, so I thought I’d give it a shot.


  • Admittedly, one of my downfalls is chocolate. The darker it is, the better, and I have a very difficult time staying away from it.  By switching to chocolate protein powder, my need for chocolate dropped to zero. Good to know, from now on, chocolate it is.


  • The taste was not good. No really. I mean, I understand that protein powder isn’t going to taste like chocolate, but I give this a 2 out of 10.
  • It was hard as hell to mix. Every Juice Plus representative I spoke to gave me the same advice, use a blender or hand mixer. Not realistic considering how often I use protein powder on the go.


Optimum Gold Standard 100% Casein: Chocolate

After doing some research and realizing (as I mentioned above) that I needed a chocolate variety, I decided to order this because of the taste reviews and because casein is a slow-release protein.


  • It tastes fantastic! I give it a 9 out of 10. Seriously, I could probably give this to you as a chocolate pudding and you wouldn’t know the difference.
  • If you mix it with equal parts of PB2, you get a chocolate peanut butter flavor. So good.
  • It mixes very well on the go. I put it in small containers, add some water and shake.


  • To me, it smells heavy of chemicals.
  • It thickens up quick, so you’ll need a good bit of water. But again, it’s good as pudding too.


The winner

Hands-down the Optimum Gold Standard 100% Casein is my new favorite protein powder. It tastes amazing and mixes well by itself or with PB2. I’ll never buy the Juice Plus mix.



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