Fed Up resonates even more for hypoglycemics


If you haven’t seen Katie Couric and Stephanie Soechtig’s new food documentary, Fed Up, I highly urge you to go see it.  Is the documentary perfect? Heck no, but even as someone who has been a hypoglycemic for a very long time and has worked hard to educate herself on sugar, this documentary really showed me how much I really don’t know.


I didn’t know that my Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Protein shake had 21 grams of pure sugar in every serving and that sugar was one of the top 4 ingredients.


I didn’t know that Thomas Whole Grain Lite English muffins I eat have sugar added to them.


I didn’t know that consuming foods with sugar substitutes actually makes you crave sugar and leaves you feeling empty. No wonder I feel hungry after a Coke Zero or French toast with sugar-free syrup on it.


But the other thing that Fed Up did for me was to give me visuals to go with the knowledge I do know. For example I know that sugar turns almost instantaneously into fat, but the visual in the movie depicting that is now the visual that plays in my head every time I try to cheat and eat sugar.


We have a major problem with sugar in this country and we, as hypoglycemic, are especially susceptible to it, so please, go see Fed Up.


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