Circuit training workout for karate and other sports

Welcome to hell….this is my super-intense workout that I do to prepare for an extreme sporting event. Typically, I used this circuit training workout when preparing for karate tournaments, but I’ve used it for other things as well. You can easily swap-out the cardio drills for drills specific to your sport.

I don’t recommend doing this workout for more than 3 weeks at a time.  Like many of the other high-intensity workouts these days, it can cause a lot of damage to your joints if you do it long-term. And, you need to vary your workouts often for them to be effective.

Basically you use very light weights, high reps for 60 seconds straight, then immediately transition into a karate drill for 60 seconds straight, then go to the next muscle group and continue rotating between lifting a light weight per muscle group for 60 seconds straight and then doing a drill for 60 seconds straight. When you work through all the muscle groups, you start all over and go through 3 times.

So…chest exercise, front kicks, back exercise, footwork v drill, shoulder exercise, v drill and so forth. Use fast-paced music and DON’T STOP the entire time!
I typically do the upper-body one day, then cardio the next day, then lower body the third day and keep rotating for six days. Then one day of rest and start all over!
Finally, I find this circuit-training routine for karate makes me lose weight and burn fat fast, so if that’s not your goal, eat more (good food)!
Post below if you have any questions.

Here's the routine for upper-body days

Circuit training lower body


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