Quirky habits are part of being hypoglycemic: The 3/4 sandwich

I walk up to a counter of a Schlotzsky’s at an airport. After learning a few weeks ago that there are 690 calories in one of their salads, I checked Fitness Pal and came to the conclusion that their medium shaved turkey sandwich minus the mayo is a better option. But it’s still too high in carbohydrates and calories. In reality, I can only eat 3/4 of the sandwich. No problem, at the counter, I ask for the sandwich to be cut in 4ths vs. 1/2. They look at me a bit strangely, but I’m nice and gave them a good tip, so they agree to do it for me. I’m watching as they make it and they forget. I nicely ask again. They apologize and cut it into 4ths.

It takes some getting used to to ask for accommodations especially if you aren’t very assertive, but I’ve found if the request is reasonable and I’m really nice about it, people are happy to do it.

I got on the plane and ate my 3/4 of a sandwich, throwing the other 1/4 away.

What’s your quirky requests? How do you make it work when it comes to portioning your food, protein, and carbohydrates correctly?

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