The bento box of antioxidants

A tupperware lunch'n things container with sliced cucumbers, baby carrots, naan bread, and strawberries
I eat the cucumbers and carrots during the day for snacks, the strawberries are my 3 pm snack (with some form of protein) and the whole wheat Naan bread is my carbs to go with my lunch salad.


As a hypoglycemic, I’m always looking for new ways to carry all of my food for the day. I’m a big fan of the Tupperware’s Lunch’n Things container because of its multiple compartments (sadly they only sell it through their fundraising catalogs).

I was in our shared work kitchen and two guys I work with walked-through while I was eating a snack out of it.

“SO HEALTHY,” said one of them (emphasis his)

“It’s like a bento box of antioxidants,” said the other (who, unsurprisingly, works in marketing)

I have to admit, that’s kinda catchy…


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