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I’ve written several times on my constant attempts to eat healthy while traveling so much for work (see Travel tips for hypoglycemics and healthy eaters and Healthy party in my hotel room). For this trip, I decided to try a new product, Quaker Weight Control Instant Oatmeal Maple Brown Sugar. I chose it because of its low sugar content and high protein content.


At less than $3 for 8 packets, it was much less expensive than the single serve cups I love ($1.50 each), but I did need two packets to meet my caloric needs.

Portion size

As I mentioned above, at only 160 calories each, I really needed two packets to keep myself full to my mid-morning snack.


Less added sugar (1 g per packet) and more protein (7 g per packet) than most pre-packaged oatmeals. As a hypoglycemic, both of these are really important. You want carbohydrates, but good ones (which it has), not added sugar. And, you need a good amount of protein. It kept me decently full.


I know, this is what you really care about. My conclusion? Meh. I could definitely taste the protein powder and it had a slight chemical aftertaste. It wasn’t terrible, but I’ll definitely look for something else that has a better taste for future trips.




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A photo of a counter and a fridge in a hotel room stocked with healthy food

This was my “stash” of food for four days in Nashville. Note: i got lucky and got a bigger fridge than most people do.

I’ve written before on travel tips for hypoglycemics and healthy eaters. But, to give you a solid photo example from a food perspective, this is my stash after unpacking and a grocery store run in Nashville, TN. Admittedly, this ended up being too much food (my friend who lived locally got the leftovers I couldn’t pack), but it gives you an idea of how I stock-up when traveling to avoid making poor food choices.

I was staying at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel, which is known for expensive and not-so-good food. With a per diem budget of $66 per day (translation: not enough) and crappy food all around me, I tried to eat as many meals in my hotel as possible.

Here’s the full list of what I brought with me:

– Dried cranberries

– Emerald 100 packs of nuts

– PB2

– Local Texas Honey

– Lean Body protein powder

– Optimum Gold Standard Casein Powder

– Trader Joe’s Rosemary Raisin Crackers

– Paper plates

– Silverware

– Small plastic cups for the protein powder


What I bought at the store (about $45 total):

– Bananas

– Apples

– Clementines

– Salad mix

– Carrots

– Green Beans

– Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt

– Quaker Oats individual oatmeal cups

– Goat cheese

– 9 Grain bread

– Raisins (whoops, forgot to pack those)

– Caramel rice cakes (which were YUMMMY in the Greek Yogurt)


From this, I was able to:

– Have a ton of hypoglycemic-friendly snacks

– Mixed greens salads with goat cheese (protein) and cranberries (carbs) with 2 slices of 9-grain bread (for carbs/calories)

– PB2 & honey sandwiches with carrots and green beans

– Avoid most other food costs


And yes…I still splurged on a KILLER BBQ meal at Jacks Barbecue.



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A cup of hot chocolate

Photo from Flickr Creative Commons: avlxyz

I was working an all-day training session and thus had to pack all my food for the day with me., including my protein powder. The conference center we were at was scare on regular water, but they had hot water. It dawned on me, could I make a hypoglycemic-friendly version of hot chocolate by mixing my Optimum Gold Standard 100% Casein Chocolate Supreme protein powder with hot water?

Turns out, yep! It was a little hard to mix-up the protein powder with the hot water (I swear the colder the water is, the better it mixes), but once I got it mixed, it actually tasted pretty good!

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Three bottles of hard liquor alcohol and crystal glasses

From flickr creative commons: Anton Fomkin

If you are struggling to shed pounds or keep a healthy weight, it may well be your alcohol consumption. Most people don’t think to factor alcohol into their daily caloric intake and, if they do, they miscalculate it (“It’s only 50 calories!” Yeah but that’s pure fat and what are you mixing with it?)

Anyway, here’s a link to an infographic that shows how alcohol contributes to weight gain. I don’t think I’ll ever drink a margarita or pina colada again. Sigh…  Not that I should have had them anyway since they are loaded with sugar.

And, I have noticed that the more I drink, the hungrier I get. Health.com recently named alcohol as one of 11 foods that will make you hungrier so apparently I’m not alone in that.

For more tips on breaking the weight loss plateau, check out my handy quiz on the subject: Quick Quiz: Why can’t I lose weight?

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