Product Review: Quaker Weight Control Instant Oatmeal Maple Brown Sugar

I’ve written several times on my constant attempts to eat healthy while traveling so much for work (see Travel tips for hypoglycemics and healthy eaters and Healthy party in my hotel room). For this trip, I decided to try a new product, Quaker Weight Control Instant Oatmeal Maple Brown Sugar. I chose it because of its low sugar content and high protein content.


At less than $3 for 8 packets, it was much less expensive than the single serve cups I love ($1.50 each), but I did need two packets to meet my caloric needs.

Portion size

As I mentioned above, at only 160 calories each, I really needed two packets to keep myself full to my mid-morning snack.


Less added sugar (1 g per packet) and more protein (7 g per packet) than most pre-packaged oatmeals. As a hypoglycemic, both of these are really important. You want carbohydrates, but good ones (which it has), not added sugar. And, you need a good amount of protein. It kept me decently full.


I know, this is what you really care about. My conclusion? Meh. I could definitely taste the protein powder and it had a slight chemical aftertaste. It wasn’t terrible, but I’ll definitely look for something else that has a better taste for future trips.




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