Congress is getting in the way of nutritional guidelines, and the environment

This is MADDENING. Our national nutritionists are trying to account for environmental and other non-sustainable agricultural practices when making recommendations on which foods we should be eating. But they are being told they can’t consider environmental factors BY CONGRESS.

THIS is what happens when lobbyists get involved.

Page 29, 2nd paragraph of the Congressional directive:
“The advisory committee is showing an interest in incorporating agriculture production practices and environmental factors into their criteria for establishing the next dietary recommendations. The agreement expects the Secretary to ensure that the advisory committee focuses on nutrient and dietary recommendations based upon sound nutrition science. The agreement directs the Secretary to only include nutrition and dietary information, not extraneous factors, in the final 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.”

Write your Congress representatives TODAY.

See the full story by NPR here

Congress to Nutritionists: Don’t talk about the environment



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