New, higher protein, less carb diet works!

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I visited a new family doctor recently and he advocated for a much higher protein diet and less carbs, almost to the point of being the Atkins Diet. He said this would help me go longer between meals and reduce my carbohydrate intake, which may help with my acid reflux.

My questions, his responses (shortened, not word-for-word):

  • I thought eating high amounts of protein was bad for your liver? You’d have to eat A LOT of protein and you’d stop eating well before that because you’d be too full to continue.
  • What about drinking protein shakes and powders? Then, yes, you could overload on protein. I prefer you eat natural protein most of the time from animals and vegetable protein.
  • How come my dietician said something else? Because most dietitians disagree with this, but I’m telling you, it works (My note: I’m still a huge fan of dietitians).
  • Eating so many carbs might be causing my acid reflux? But I only eat good stuff, like whole grains and fruit? And I haven’t seen any research on that?  There isn’t any research on this (My note: Keep in mind, we tend to only do health research in this country when a pharmaceutical company is paying for it, which they obviously wouldn’t in this case because it could hurt their business), but I’m telling you that I’ve had several patients be able to reduce or go off acid reflux medication after going on a lower-carb diet. You don’t fit the typical patient that would have acid reflux, so I think the carbs might be the issue (My note: Stress too).
  • (In a later phone conversation) I’m really frustrated. I need more guidance and you said a dietician probably wouldn’t be of help. Ok, try reading the Zone Diet books. That will help. (My note: I haven’t done so yet).
  • What about weight gain? You won’t gain weight if you eat enough protein and continue to eat healthy with a bit more fat. Americans are the only ones who believe in the low fat diet and it’s not helping us stay thin.

So I went home promising to give it a try. And, to be honest, I was frustrated as hell. I literally opened my fridge and pantry looking for something to eat and said “Shit” because I couldn’t figure out what to eat.

After the initial annoyance was over, I gave it a try. The first time wasn’t fun, but after a few other trials, IT WORKS! If I eat 25 g at my meals and keep my carbs below 30 g, I can go until the next major meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) without any symptoms of hypoglycemia! Sometimes I’m still hungry, but it’s not low blood sugar, so I snack on no-carb foods such as raw veggies (which is how I still get my fiber up).

Yep, it’s hard to pass-up french fries with my burger or pass by a bagel, but I feel so much better, that I’m able to do it.

Additional benefit: It’s been really easy to maintain my weight with this new plan too. Actually, I’m underweight by 2 lbs now, so I need to eat more!


Now I have to rewrite my Outline of a Hypoglycemic Diet post again. Sigh…I’ll get around to it soon.


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  1. Kristen says:

    Hello! I am very glad that I found your blog. I have reactive hypoglycemia, as well, and I have been so frustrated recently! I recently quit smoking which I believe was helping to keep my blood sugar in check and am really struggling with my blood sugar. I’ve cut out sodas, juices, junk food, white breads, and a lot of processed foods. I’m eating a lot off eggs, meats, nuts, brown rice, quinoa, and fruits and veggies but still experiencing constant hunger and drops in blood sugar. I am mostly struggling with snacks. I cannot tolerate dairy so cheese is not an option. Can you list some of the snacks that work for you? I know everyone different but some new suggestions would be a breath of fresh air. Thanks!

    1. hyporesource says:

      Hi Kristen,

      Thank you so much for the comment! Readers like you inspire me to keep going! Please feel free to write-in and comment with any questions you have. I’m always on the look-out for new topics to write about.

      I definitely know how you feel in terms of having ups and downs. It took me a while to get my diet under control and I’m still tweaking it all of the time.

      I’ve compiled a list of links below that I think will be helpful for your overall diet and question about snacks.

      Bottomless pit days:
      Edamame for snacks/protein:
      Homemade pita chips and black bean salsa recipe:
      Snacks for a day on the go:
      Low fat white chicken chili recipe:
      High protein snacks:
      Best snacks for reactive hypoglycemia:
      Traveling tips for hypoglycemics:
      Grocery list for hypoglycemics:
      30-minute chili mac recipe from kraft foods:

  2. rtaugs says:

    Hello! I was recently diagnosed with Reactive Hypoglycemia and am still trying to figure my diet out. I have a history of many food allergies, and it took me awhile to sift through all of those, too. Adding the RH to the mix isn’t exactly fun… especially in social situations.

    Just wanted to tell you – I used to have a lot of heartburn/acid reflux until I went on an elimination diet and got rid of the grains. Whenever I tried to add wheat back in, the reflux issue would return within a week or so. I’ve been gluten-free for a couple years now(mostly, you probably know how it is…) and most times when the heartburn comes back, it’s because I’ve cheated.

    Thanks for posting about your experiences. If you care to peak at my blog about my health journey, it’s at

    Take care!

    1. hyporesource says:

      Hi Tanya,

      Thank you so much for writing and commenting! I really appreciate your input!

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