2 Fun Size Candy Bars=B*tch

I’ve been on my new high protein, less carb diet for a while now and one day I couldn’t take it anymore…I wanted something sweet. So I scarfed down two “fun size” candy bars I found. Within 30 minutes I was very hyper and turned into a total B*tch (yes, the capital B is on purpose). I actually cut short a meeting with a guy that works for me because I recognized it right away (I guess that’s a positive?). The rest of the day I felt like crap. I’m simply not used to sugar anymore.

Lesson learned


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  1. Atheria says:

    Due to listening to the wrong people, I did that and had no energy and ended up with my blood sugar freaking out. What is SAVING me right now (am feeling like I don’t even have hypoglycemia anymore) is a vegan, very high carb diet with whole foods…and very low fat.

    1. hyporesource says:

      HI Atheria,

      Thanks for your feedback! I think it’s different for each of us and a balance. My doctor basically said no carbs and I think that’s wrong. I still have about 30 g of carbs at each meal, but no more, and have just added a ton more protein. So far so good as long as I don’t do candy (chocolate is so hard to resist!)

      Best wishes on your journey! If there are any particular topics you’d like me to write about, I’d love to hear them! I’m always looking for new content.

      1. Atheria says:

        Thank you. It’s trial and error, but a diet too high in fat seems to be a no no for me at this point. On your doctor’s recommendation, I’d be dead. I do seriously bad on very low carb. My blood sugar can’t maintain itself.

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