Recipe review: Teriyaki tofu and roasted brussel sprouts

Teriyaki tofu, roasted brussels sprouts, and Bush's baked beans
Teriyaki tofu, roasted brussels sprouts, and Bush’s baked beans


As part of my attempts to cut carbs and amp up on protein on my new hypoglycemic diet (it’s working really well to control my blood sugar for 6-7 hours at a time!) and as part of my wellness coaching, I’m trying a couple of new recipes over the next few weeks. So, I tried making teriyaki tofu (I cheated and used a pre-made sauce from the asian market) and roasted brussels sprouts.

Teriyaki Tofu

The verdict: Great! It was easy to make with the pre-made sauce and it tasted great! Another bonus: For $2.50, I got two servings, which is much cheaper than meat. This will definitely become a normal part of my diet. My only caution here is that teriyaki sauce is loaded with sugar, so use it sparingly.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

The verdict: Meh. I had these at a bar once and they were crunchy. Mine were not. I think I’ll like them a lot more if I can figure out how to make them crunchy.

Baked Beans

The Bush’s Baked Beans were my treat, but I think they spiked my blood sugar a lot. I had forgotten how sweet they are!  And there’s too much “brown” on my plate here.



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