Recycle challenge: How much can you recycle in a week?

A large plastic container  (30 gallon size) full of recyclables.
This is 6 days worth of recycling for me. It’s amazing how it adds up! My foot is in the photo to give you perspective on size. It’s a 30 gallon plastic bin.

After reading several articles about how recycling small things can really add up, I decided to try to recycle everything I could, including the small stuff. Any little scrap of plastic, paper, etc. goes in the recycle bin. I rinse paper cups, straws, frozen food wrappers, etc. and toss them in the bin.

And you know what? It really does add up!

Every week, I recycle at least a whole 30 gallon plastic storage bin of stuff. That’s amazing considering it’s just me!

So how about a challenge, how much do YOU recycle in a week? Post a comment below letting me know or, extra points, take a photo and send it to me (hypoglycemiaresource at gmail dot com) and I’ll post it!


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