Stop pre-loading my food with condiments!

This was the open-faced egg sandwich at the Hyatt. It shows the ingredients and the calories, but it doesn't list the mayo they'd slipped into it.
This was the open-faced egg sandwich at the Hyatt. It shows the ingredients and the calories, but it doesn’t list the mayo they’d slipped into it.

Dear caterers and mass food providers,
Please, oh please, stop putting condiments on your food ahead of time. I eat a lot of box lunches and prepared foods at meetings, hotels, airports, etc. and nothing annoys me more than you deciding which condiments I should be eating. They make pre-packaged condiments for a reason-put them in the box and let me decide what goes on my meal. I realize it costs you a smidge more to do this, but you’ll make it up in me not calling to request a “special” order. Oh, and lost sales, because I’ll request that, if this is your practice, we order from someone else in the future.

Not to mention, people are allergic to all kinds of crap these days.  What if they are allergic to whatever condiment you chose? Then they just don’t get to eat?

I hate mayonnaise. I’m not sure why, but I hate it with a passion. And it adds unnecessary calories to my meal; one tablespoon of that shit adds 57 calories and 5 grams of fat. And most of you put a lot more than that on your food.

I was recently staying at a Hyatt (I’m a Gold member, which gives you an idea of how often I’m here). They offer free breakfast, which is fabulous. They had these beautiful open-faced egg sandwiches on the breakfast bar. At 280 calories (thanks Hyatt for listing this!), I was really excited about them. That is, until I bit into them and realized they’d slippped mayo in between the egg and the ham. I went back and looked at the sign that included the ingredients. No mayo listed. So I asked the man working in the kitchen, “Do these have mayo on them?” Yep.  I wonder if the calories include the mayo. I doubt it. I watched person after person discover the mayo. “What is that?” “Is that mayo? That’s gross!” and try to wipe it off with their napkin (which we all know is futile with condiments.

So, in short, stop, just stop putting condiments on your food. It will be better for all of us.


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  1. I agree with you! I hate pre-added condiments on my food, too!

  2. Laura says:

    I like mayo, but not on my eggs. No, no, no. A little salt and pepper and I’m good. Mayo goes on turkey sandwiches.

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