Kitchen training

Kitchen training (preparing foods as part of your fitness plan) tonight, to prepare for the start of the week, included:

  • Making 2 slices of bacon, putting the rest in portions between parchment paper for easy freezing/thawing.
  • Baking 4 chicken breasts, thinly slicing them, and then using a kitchen scale to weigh out 6, 4oz portions. Freeze the portions.
  • Cutting-up 2 celery heads
  • Cutting-up 4 bell peppers
  • Dividing a large bag of baby carrots in half (for home and work)
  • Putting together Monday and Tuesday’s lunch salads
  • Pressing 1 package of tofu, marinating it, then cooking it
  • Portioning-out 5 portions of hummus
  • Portioning-out 1 portion of protein powder
  • Portioning-out 1 serving of oatmeal
  • Cutting-up one avocado
  • Making a chicken, bacon and avocado wrap and veggies for dinner
  • Packing one protein bar
  • Portioning-out 2 very small servings of blue corn tortilla chips 
  • Dishes, dishes, dishes, from all of the above

It’s a lot of work and about 2 hours of time, but it’s worth it! The above covers all my dinners, and half of my lunches/snacks for the week.


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