Pilates is your friend

If you had told me a few years ago that I’d be regularly going to a Pilates class, I would have laughed at you. I’m the poster child for high-impact, ass-kicking kind of workouts.

But then I hurt my back.

Actually I didn’t hurt it, I learned that I have arthritis in it. Yep, at the young age of 33. The doctor told me to build my core through physical therapy, stretch my hamstrings more (they are ridiculously tight), and no more high impact workouts.

So, I found myself wandering into a Pilates class. But little did I know, I’d picked one of the toughest, most crazy-hard Pilates classes I could have. I lasted less than 10 minutes before I couldn’t complete all of the exercises the retirement-age, tiny woman instructor was doing. No wonder there were so many male athletes in it!

Now about a year later, I go once per week and I’m able to complete her class all the way through MOST of the time (all the time would be too easy). And I’ve noticed some great changes in my body. My legs look amazing, my core is much stronger, and my abs feel great.

And, for those times when I’m traveling for work and don’t have a gym, I’ve found an amazing online video by GymRa that still kills me every time.

So, consider me a convert. Pilates is definitely something I recommend you try.

But remember….true transformation comes from diet first!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura says:

    I did some Pilates classes back in the day. Class usually ended with me sprawled on the mat because I couldn’t keep up. 😀 This is why yoga is more my speed!

    1. hyporesource says:

      I’m totally with you on that one. I think what saved me is I had done a Pilates/Yoga combination for a while, which seemed a good halfway point.

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