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Four eggs cooked in a tomato sauce in a frying pan

Admittedly, mine don’t look as pretty, but they are DELICIOUS

Tomato sauce divided between storage containers

The recipe I use says it’s enough to cook 6 eggs, but this is a lot of sauce! I find I have enough sauce for 10 eggs. I doubled the recipe, so here are 20 eggs worth.


I’m always on the hunt for recipes that are a) healthy b) easy to prepare and c) make me look like I’m a cooking rockstar.  This Shakshuka (Eggs in Hell) recipe fits the bill! Not only that, but it freezes really well, making it easy for me to make quick dinners on nights when I’m pressed for time.

My notes on preparation:

  • I cut the sugar in this recipe in half to make it more hypoglycemic friendly and because I prefer less of a sweet taste. This might also be because I’m using cane sugar.
  • I factor 2 eggs per person.
  • Whole grain sourdough bread is low on the glycemic index, so I serve the Eggs in Hell with this. I personally use one slice and load the eggs and tons of the sauce and eat it open-face.
  • The Shakshuka recipe has a serving size of 6 eggs, but I found this is a huge waste of the sauce. I find I can get 10 eggs worth of sauce out of one recipe.
  • I doubled the recipe in the photo above to have plenty to freeze.
  • I free about 1 cup per 2 eggs, you can see in the second photo above how I portion and label them (which helps me remember what size and what pan to use).




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Dear Beanitos:

Let me start by saying, I love your chips (except the baked version, those are terrible). I love being able to have something salty/crunchy that’s healthier than tortilla chips. They have become my easy snack that I take to parties and I love them as a treat with an individual portion of guacamole or with 1 melted low-fat cheese slice on top of them.

You’ll also be happy to know that my dietician recommends them as well (although, she recommends the baked kind).

But the whole 1 oz is a serving thing made it really hard to tell how much 1 oz actually is in a meaningful way. So, I hauled-out my ProChef kitchen scale and figured it out for you.

It’s about 8-9 chips. Would you consider adding that to your label? It’d be way more helpful than ounces. 




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I first heard of Brian Wansink and his book Mindless Eating: Why we eat more than we think during my Influencer training at work. His video (above) intrigued me to learn more and finally pick-up the book.

The book is full or real, practical advice on how we and our situations around us impact our eating habits. Through real experiments and funny examples, Brian Wansink teaches you how to modify your environment and your eating to impact your long-term health.

The most helpful thing I learned from this book was how often we let the food companies and the places we eat determine our portion sizes.  If they say one bag of chips is a serving size, that should be what we eat, right? Nope. Maybe we should only be eating 1/2 of a bag of chips at a time.

Thanks to this book, I now work really hard to not let a package or plate determine my portion size. I decide how much of something I want (usually in calories, protein and fat) and then look at the package to be able to portion-out the right size.

If you are interested in long-term eating strategies, based on research, that work, I highly recommend this book.



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I was at a conference today and had requested a special meal (high protein, low carb). When the conference broke for lunch, I found my meal box set aside for me with my name on it. 

In it was:

  • A veggie burrito (white flour tortilla)
  • Apple
  • Potato chips
  • A giant brownie

(Sigh, facepalm)

Luckily there were extra turkey sandwiches, so I put all the meat, cheese, and lettuce on 1/2 of the bun and ate that with the chips (yes, the Apple would have been a better choice).

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