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A set of Seat to Summit plastic silverware including a fork, knife, and spoon

My Sea to Summit silverware set, drying on a towel in a hotel room for it’s next use

Note: I was not compensated for this post nor did Sea to Summit know about this post prior to me publishing it. 

I travel often and, even when I’m home, I’m on-the-go quite a bit. This has presented a challenge as, although there are fully portable snack options out there, many still require silverware, such as Greek yogurt and graham crackers with peanut butter. And, as you know, I love to take salads with me (Traveling? Take a Whole Foods salad with you) on trips.

This has not only left me scrambling for plastic silverware (or forgetting to, which is worse) whenever I buy a snack or a salad, but also left me with eco-guilt for creating the additional waste from plastic silverware (which isn’t recyclable).

And then I remembered that I saw Sea to Summit portable silverware at my local camping store. One lunch trip and $11 later, I had a set that I clipped inside my backpack, which always goes with me on trips.

Admittedly, the silverware is a bit big for me. It seems like it was designed for maximum inhalation quickly while backpacking and for mostly men to use, so if you get these, be extra-careful to measure out your portions ahead of time and don’t fill the spoon for each bite.

But the benefits far outweigh the size issue. Not only does this solve the silverware worry and some of my eco-guilt, but it also is incredibly sturdy. I’ve used them multiple times, sometimes roughly, and kept them clipped in a backpack that is constantly thrown around. After two months, they still look brand-new. And, as I’ve already eluded to, the carabiner clip they come with is really convenient and makes it harder to lose them.

If you eat a lot of meals on the go, I highly recommend this set of portable silverware.


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Ok, I understand that most of us who drink a beer don’t really have “nutrition” on our mind at that point, but knowing that some beer distributors are voluntarily adding nutrition information is still exciting news.

Not only will this help hypoglycemics and other sugar-sensitive groups choose wiser at the pub or grocery store, but the list of ingredients will make it much easier for those with allergies or food sensitivities to know which brews are ok and which aren’t.


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…eating one piece of pizza at the pizza party at work as a substitute for my afternoon snack, then having a healthy salad after the party for my dinner (and taking no pizza home).

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I’m a huge fan of sparkling water, or as my Italian friends like to call it, “water with gas.” I was first introduced to it during my European travels and now drink about a can of unflavored sparkling water per day.

It also helped me kick my soda pop habit. Yes, I used to drink Coke Zero, but no more! For me, it’s all about the fizzies, and I’m just fine getting that from sparkling water. It’s much better for my hypoglycemia too!

I’ve started to see sparkling water pop-up on the soda machines at fast-casual restaurants and that left me wondering, is sparkling water “free” or should I pay for a soda for my habit?

I contacted three different fast-casual restaurants I’ve seen the option at to ask.

Chipotle: Via a response to my email, sparkling water is free

Local Foods Houston:  Via a response to my Facebook message, sparkling water is free. I realize this is local to Houston, but seriously, their food and service is amazing.

Torchy’s Tacos: I sent them two messages on their web form and private messaged them on Facebook, no response. Torchy’s I love you, but you suck when it comes to electronic customer service.

So I think it’s safe to assume it’s free, but it never hurts to ask. If you’ve seen this option anywhere else, please let me know, I’d like to reach-out to more places to provide a more robust answer.


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