“Warrior Games [Image 1 of 9]” by DVIDSHUB, via Flickr Creative Commons
I had knee surgery about a month and a half ago and today was the first time I tried using my legs while swimming (after doctor approval). I was excited to get back to real cardio.

Sadly, after about 15 minutes, my knee started hurting. Well, shit.

And I didn’t have a pull buoy with me to swim without my legs.

So I climbed out of the pool and into the hot tub.

And that could have been the end of my exercise for the day. After all, I’m still underweight after my surgery (more some other time on how I managed that). But exercise is more than weight management to me. It’s my stress relief, it helps me sleep better, and it’s good for my heart.

So I looked around and noticed they’d opened-up one of the locked boxes with the water barbells In a pinch, these will work as a pull bouy. So I hauled my ass out of that nice and cozy hot tub and snuck one from the water aerobics class (they had plenty) and got back in the pool and swam with just my arms for another 30 minutes.

Then I felt water-logged: I’m not sure what causes this, but sometimes when I’m swimming I feel like I’ve just eaten a big meal and it makes me sick. Fine, I got out of the pool.

But you know what? I got 30 more minutes in than I could have. And, today may not have been a good gym day, but I’ll be back tomorrow and try again.

Work around your limitations and never stop trying.


Up-to-date information on hypoglycemia

This blog reflects my journey of learning and understanding hypoglycemia. This means that some of my older posts may have information that is out-of-date as I’ve learned more or research has changed. For the most updated macro-level information on living with hypoglycemia, please visit Up-to-date info on hypoglycemia (start here) page.

If you’re curious if the information in a particular post is still accurate, please feel free to leave a comment on the post asking and I’ll respond letting you know if there is any updated information.

Thanks for reading!


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