The one thing I changed that stopped me from getting viruses, colds and flu

Trays of chopped vegetables for making spring rolls
“spring roll fixings” by, via Flickr Creative Commons is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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It’s eating raw vegetables and getting-in 6+ fruits and vegetables in a day.

I’ve written about the vitamin myth before and how vitamins don’t help, and may hurt you long-term.  But getting your vitamins naturally through eating fruits and vegetables does seem to work.

I travel often for work, so I’m constantly in crowds, on airplanes, on public transportation, etc. What do all of these have in common? Lots of germs. And yet, I get sick an average of 1-2 times per year since I made a huge effort to incorporate more vegetables and fruits in my diet. Before that I was sick often.

The easiest way to do this is to have at least one meal per day be a healthy, large salad (without the high-calorie add-ins). This alone can knock-out 4+ servings of vegetables and fruits in one sitting.

And then snack on raw vegetables during the day. Every Sunday I chop up green peppers and cucumbers and buy baby carrots. I eat a huge bowl of these every morning for my snack.

The added benefit to this is that you view eating healthy as a sickness-prevention strategy and a way to get your vitamins vs. as deprivation and a diet. And, you’ll eat less junk because you’re full from getting your vitamins in (aka Volumetrics or crowding-out).

Happy veggie snacking!



Up-to-date information on hypoglycemia

This blog reflects my journey of learning and understanding hypoglycemia. This means that some of my older posts may have information that is out-of-date as I’ve learned more or research has changed. For the most updated macro-level information on living with hypoglycemia, please visit Up-to-date info on hypoglycemia (start here) page.

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