Holy (Calorie) Bomb! Chicken and Waffles

Image of small chicken and waffles at Whole Foods along with a croissant breakfast sandwich at whole foods. Signs above them give the calorie count.
1,180 calories in the small portion of Chicken and Waffles. Yikes! The breakfast sandwich next to it is 680 calories, so also terrible.

This marks the beginning of a random series (meaning I’ll post when I find them) called Holy Bomb! which will highlight times when something looks so innocent, but then you find out it totally isn’t.

Let’s be real, I was never under the impression that Chicken and Waffles was healthy. It terrible for you. And yet, delicious. So what will most people tell you, when you want to eat something that’s terrible for you? Go for a small portion.

Sweet. So one day I ended up in Whole Foods and found this mini Chicken and Waffle. I mean, it’s the size of the flat head a spatula, how bad can it be?

Now look at the calories and gasp….yes, that says 1,180 calories.  In that tiny serving. Not to mention the havoc it would do to your blood sugar.



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