Review: Easy High Fiber Blueberry PROTEIN Muffins Recipe

6 blueberry muffins on a cooling rack. One is in a bowl in pieces.
Easy High Fiber Blueberry PROTEIN Muffins Recipe by the Protein Chef. One fell apart (it’s in the bowl).


I’m continually on the hunt for breakfast options that meet the hypoglycemia diet. Most days, I’m home, so I’m ok there, and I’ve always got my go-to breakfast sandwich recipe for camping and such. But I like variety and breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, so if it looks good, I’m going to try it.

The Protein Chef publishes a lot of recipes, and most I don’t ever get around to trying, but I tried his Easy High Fiber Blueberry PROTEIN Muffins recipe and it’s great.

Ease of finding ingredients:

The only kind of difficult ingredient to find on this list is coconut flour, but I found it at my local grocery store. Pro tip: If you see a rare ingredient like this and don’t want to drop $6-$10 just to try one recipe, take your measuring cup to Whole Foods and get into their bulk foods section and only buy what you need.

I’m not a huge fan of protein powder, I prefer to get my protein from less-processed sources, but for this recipe, I used EAS Vanilla Whey Powder from Target.

I used 1/2 Tbsp Stevia as sweetener.

Baking process:

Easy enough to make. I’m a big fan of licking the slight amount of batter clean, but the batter didn’t taste like the sugar-loaded Jiffy stuff I used to make as a kid, so nah, I’m good there.

As you can see from the photo, one did fall apart when coming out of the pan. I usually don’t use paper muffin liners because, you know, the environment, but for this recipe, I would recommend them.


These taste great! And they were incredibly moist, even after 4 days in the fridge in a airtight container.

With that said, you have to change your expectations of what a muffin should taste like. Over the years, muffins in the United States have gotten huge and so sugar-laden that it’s healthier to eat a donut than a muffin.  These are dense, have a slight lemony taste, and don’t taste very sweet. So probably what a muffin was originally supposed to taste like. But again, they are great.

Impact on my blood sugar:

I ate one of these muffins each morning before I went to the gym (usually I eat a piece of peanut butter toast) and they did well to keep me semi-full and my blood sugar even until my post-gym full breakfast.

Thanks for posting the recipe, The Protein Chef!




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