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Wedding cake

As a bride-to-be, I’m in the process of cake shopping for our wedding. Those of you who know me can imagine that this is particularly entertaining for me, as I’m a marketer by trade, and used to help my grandmother make wedding cakes.

So I was a little taken back when one bakery refused to make me a sugar free cake, saying “We only make ORIGINAL recipes here.”

I mean, I get it, no one wants to walk into their store, expecting one thing and getting another. At the same time, we’ve learned a few things since 1965 (when this particular bakery originated), like that margarine is worse than butter, that high amounts of sugar and fat can harm you, that certain color dyes can cause harm or death.  And, of course, we know people various diseases and disorders, like hypoglycemia and diabetes, shouldn’t eat certain things.

And I’m also sure that ORIGINAL recipe went through many renditions, somewhere along the line, prior to becoming the recipe it is today. So, it’s not the original recipe; at some point, you all just decided it was great and quit innovating.

The reality is, there is a place for novelty and nostalgia, but to refuse to change is to refuse progress and discount all of the things we’ve learned. We have to be open to changing our food and recipes, as hypoglycemics or just regular people, as we learn more about the impact of those foods on our bodies.

As one of my favorite teachers once said, “The only way to coast is downhill.”




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A box with four sugar free brownies in it.

Good luck eating more than half of one of these. They are dense and wonderful


Normally I just avoid desserts altogether because of the additional calories, but one of my coworkers lovingly insisted on getting me some sort of sugar-free treat for my birthday. I suggested sugar-free brownies thinking she would just go to the store and get a mix for sugar-free brownies (See my review of Pillsbury Sugar Free Brownies here).  But, instead, she went to one of my favorite bakeries (which she didn’t know at the time), Three Brothers Bakery in Houston.

When I opened the box I wasn’t all too excited as I’m kind of a “plain Jane” about my food so the nuts and frosting were a bit much for me. Then I picked one up and it was exceptionally heavy and dense. I decided I could probably only make it through a half of one. I was right! It was very filling. AND, I was wrong, the frosting and nuts added to the amazing fudge density of these brownies. They are amazing. My coworkers agreed and polished off a good portion of them quickly. Did they have the laxative effect of sugar-free chocolate? Yes, I did notice my stomach was a little upset within a few hours, but not terribly bad and I don’t think there’s a way around it.

Overall, two thumbs up to Three Brothers Bakery and an additional thumbs up for a great and quick email back when I send them an email to compliment them on it. Thanks Three Brothers Bakery for an amazing birthday treat!





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