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A fashion model walks a catwalk in Paris

“Raquel Z -Stella McCartney” by fervent-adepte-de-la-mode is licensed under CC BY 2.0

France took a step in the healthy weight direction this month by banning fashion models under 18 BMI. But does that go far enough? Nope.

Most of my readers know me personally, but for those of you that don’t, I currently am a size 0-2 and have 16.8% body fat, which is considered extremely lean. I’m often told I’m almost too skinny and have often been compared to a fashion model body. I don’t say this to brag, but to give some background. So, I used an online Body Mass Index calculator to see how much weight I’d have to lose before I’d be “too thin” under France’s new law.

17 lbs

Seriously? I can’t even imagine how horrifically thin I’d be at that weight.

Then I decided to have fun with some celebrities whom I consider to have amazing bodies. To be under an 18 BMI:

  • Drew Barrymore would have to lose 18 lbs
  • Natalie Portman would have to lost 10 lbs
  • Brooke Shields would have to lose 22 lbs

I doubt anyone would encourage these women to get to these sizes. The general public, for sure, would find them a lot less appealing and probably try to sign them up for treatment.

So, while I applaud France doing something, they still didn’t do enough.


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I was at our local gym and one of the trainers had set up a table to measure your body fat for free. Obviously, I know the gig well, he will measure your body fat and then guilt you into realizing you need him. But, since I don’t have a way to measure at home, I figured I’d stop by.

Mine came back 16.6% body fat and a BMI of 20.8, which is way lean (but not too lean) for a woman my age. He just looked at me and said “Um, whatever you’re doing, it’s working. Have a nice day.”


Sadly I don’t think my trip to Victoria’s Secret will go as well. I might have lost another cup size (a sadly side-effect of losing body fat). Hopefully not.

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