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Lifehacker has started a new Vitals health and fitness section. This is one of their first articles. It’s full of useful information including how to calculate your average calorie expenditure each day and how much protein you need.

Check it out!

Exercise vs. Diet: Which Is More Important for Weight Loss?


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An empty table at the famous Marchfelderhof Restaurant in Austria

Marchfelderhof Restaurant….oh how I miss Austria. Photo from Flickr Creative Commons, Dennis Jarvis.


One of the things I’ve noticed after becoming much more aware of my eating is that someone offering to buy me lunch or dinner has ceased to be an incentive. I’m not talking about  someone deciding to pick up my check when we are already out; what I’m talking about is those “why don’t I buy you lunch or dinner sometime” offers from salespeople, colleagues, etc.

The reality is, most restaurant food is terrible for you because of the amount of calories (want proof? check out the nutrition info for Pei Wei) and added chemicals and preservatives. And, being a hypoglycemic, I eat a lot, so food has ceased to be this wonderful sensual experience most of the time anyway (although I do love a good cheese plate).

Most of the world bonds over food and offering a free meal is a form of gift-giving.  I understand this, so I try to compromise for coffee or a drink or, if they are someone I am really comfortable with, I’ll offer to cook them a nice meal at my home.

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A photo of a restaurant menu

Image from Flickr: leunix

Especially if you are going on a date or trying to impress someone, starting blankly at a menu trying to calculate carbs in your head and/or trying to figure out what you can eat as a hypoglycemic (and, in my case, a picky eater) isn’t good. So, do yourself a favor and take five minutes and research the menu ahead of time. Most restaurants have their menus online these days and many even have their nutritional information posted for you.


I was going to P.F. Changs with some of my friends and I happened to look online ahead of time. What I ended up ordering is NOT what I would have ordered had I not looked ahead of time. what I thought was one of the healthiest options was on of the worst. And, it was loaded with hidden carbs. I walked in educated, and ready to eat and I walked out happy and not sick because of it.

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