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I totally fell for this click bait, 30 Foods Under 40 Calories, from Health Magazine and guess what? Every one of them, except tea, is a vegetable or fruit. 

I knew this ahead of time, I really did, but I wanted to believe otherwise because, as much as I love eating fruits and vegetables, I love processed food. But alas, time over time, I learn why vegetables and fruits should be the main thing I eat all day long.

Further reading: The concept of Crowding Out to lose weight and be healthy.


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I’ve long been skeptical of vitamins. After reading The Atlantic’s The Vitamin Myth: Why we think we need supplements and having a conversation with my doctor, I was finally fully convinced they do more harm than good and stopped taking them entirely.

In theory, you should be able to eat your vitamins everyday, which has amazing health benefits beyond just getting your vitamins in, including regulating your blood sugar, fending-off obesity (through “crowding out“), eating more fruits and vegetables, etc.

But in reality? Well, recently I hired a dietician analyze my current diet (which is very heavy on vegetables including at least one salad per day), including a vitamin analysis of it. And guest what? Yep, I was at where I needed to be or above in all vitamins but Vitamin E (I need to eat more nuts, seeds and oil, oh what a terrible thing!).

Time for a happy dance.


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