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While we are on the subject of Jillian Michaels (see Jillian Michaels has had to change her philosophy), Fitness Magazine also published her Bodyshred Circuit Workout, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Below is my review.


  • It’s tough! You don’t want to be able to do a workout well all the way through the first couple of times or you aren’t challenging yourself in new ways. This workout definitely took some getting used to.
  • It’s efficient. With cardio and weights combined and about 35 minutes (she say’s 30, but I take a bit more for some water sips and transitions), you get a full workout very quickly.
  • It’s easy to understand what you need to do. Except the one-legged mountain climber thing. I recommend watching a few videos on YouTube to understand that move.


  • You are supposed to do it four days a week. I find that a bit excessive. Aren’t you supposed to give your muscles rest between weight-lifting days? I work out on average 6 days a week, but I do weights every other day and cardio on the off days.
  • It’s boring. I can’t really explain why, maybe it’s the repetition, maybe because there’s nothing really unique about it, maybe it’s because it’s meant to be done in a group exercise class. No matter what the reason, I just find it incredibly boring, which doesn’t help me want to do it.

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For the record, I don’t have kids. But, I imagine it is tough as hell to find time to take care of yourself when you are taking care of them too.  So, I wasn’t really surprised to see Jillian Michaels (in a Fitness magazine interview titled, “Jillian Michaels’ new balancing act“) admit that, now that she has two kids, working out is a bit tougher for her.

Her no-holds-barred philosophy has had to change to “do what you can do” and I find that humorous. Yep, it’s tough when you aren’t on a ranch, paid to exercise all of the time, and have only healthy foods around, isn’t it?

For the record, I like her a lot. And, I do think you should do your very best to put forth a ton of effort into being fit and healthy, but I’m  glad to see her admit that there are some challenges to doing so.

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Normally, advertising doesn’t affect me, mostly because it’s my job. But, an ad on the back of Fitness Magazine for a new product, Healthy Choice Greek frozen yogurt, definitely caught my attention. I love vanilla, I love ice cream (but can’t have it), and Greek yogurt is awesome! So, I had to try it.

A box and an individual container of Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt

Shopping experience:

It was easy enough to find. It was in the freezer section in my local HEB grocery store next to the other Healthy Choice meals. They had three flavors, vanilla bean, blueberry, and strawberry. Each were priced at $2.50 for a box of three containers, so pretty high considering what you get. The other thing I noticed is that the portion size in the photo on the box looks much larger than the actual serving to me.


I got home from the store and tore one open right away (it was time for a snack anyway) and wow! It was really good. It wasn’t too sweet, which I liked, but the taste was flavorful. It was also incredibly smooth and melted in my mouth. It was really hard not to immediately tear open another one! Vanilla bean ice cream was a favorite of mine before I discovered I was hypoglycemic, but I think I might have just found a substitute! It’s not exact, but it’s very close.

Back of the box of Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt

Here’s a snapshot of the nutrition on the back for you to see


Calorie-wise, these little treats aren’t too bad. They clock in at just 100 calories (if, after trying one, you can stick to only eating one at a time!). The fat is also low at 2 grams. And, at 17 grams for carbohydrates, it’s a good portion of carbs for a hypoglycemic (although, it’s mostly sugar as is regular Greek yogurt). My only real complaint here is the protein. When I think “Greek yogurt” I think high-protein. For example, Dannon’s Oikos Vanilla Greek Yogurt has 95 calories for a 1/2 cup serving and 8.5 grams of protein. If you have a hypoglycemic diet similar to mine, you need 7 grams of protein per snack. So, I was disappointed when I read the back and saw only 4 grams. I was really hoping to eat an apple and one of these cups as a snack; that would give me the carbs I need but not the protein I need. I would buy these a lot more often if they were higher in protein.


Overall, I enjoyed this product. If you crave ice cream or just want a treat once in a while, I would recommend it. Just remember to plan out what else you are going to have to keep your blood sugar even.

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You know that one body part you obsesse about constantly? For me, it’s my abs. I want them flat and I want them cut. I also know my lower back is weak and needs some serious training. So, when I saw the “Flat Abs Fast: The Core-Strengthening Workout” in my Fitness magazine, I thought I’d give it a try. The workout is great overall with some minor tweaks.

Photo fo woman's fit abs

Photo from Flickr: Ruxor

Getting started:

  • I purchased two yoga blocks (already had the mat) for about $22 from my local sporting goods store.
  • You need a non-carpet surface for this workout (particularly for the magic carpet ride). My gym is completely carpeted, so I’ve had to do it at home on the kitchen floor.

Workout hints:

  • The entire ab workout takes about 45 minutes if you are resting 45 seconds between sets (except for Tolasana, which I only rest 10 seconds between reps).
  • I can’t keep one leg up for the entire 25 reps of the lean back. That definitely gives me something to work towards. But, until I can, I’ve switched legs halfway through the 25 reps.
  • You still need to do cardio the other days.
  • Doing this exercise alone will not help you sculpt great abs. You need to do something to lose that belly fat including eating healthy and losing weight.
  • You still need to work the rest of your body. So, I’ve added traditional exercises for my body at the end of each workout. This does increase my workout time to about 50-60 minutes.  I do this workout Monday, Wednesday, Friday, so my weight schedule at the end of each looks like this:

               Monday: Flat Abs Fast, 3 sets of a chest, shoulder, and a back exercise

               Wednesday: Flat Abs Fast, 3 sets of a bicep and tricep exercise

               Friday: Flat Abs Fast, 3 sets of a quad, hamstring, and calve exercise


I’ve done this routine for about 3 weeks now. My abs are sore (which is a rarity for me, but it’s good!) and I definitely feel it working my lower back. I’ve also noticed that I can hold the Tolasana position much longer and that I’m much more aware of my posture in general. 

Have I noticed my abs more chiseled? No, but that’s not the workout’s fault. It’s mine. I spent the last week gorging on the foods I love while visiting my home town. If I really want to get serious about no fat bump when I sit down, I’ll have to be much more strict about my diet. Until them, I’m cool with my flat cut look while standing, and, because of this workout, MUCH better core strength.

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Bob Harper’s Fat-Blasting Workout

Found this Bob Harper’s Fat-Blasting Workout in my Fitness Magazine and tried it out this morning. It’s tough! I had to switch the last move to the “make it easier” format. But that’s a good thing. It means that I’m challenging my body and I have a new goal to work towards! After I got done, I also did 20 minutes on the elliptical.

Day 1 recovery update: hamstrings and back sore, but manageably sore.

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