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A cup of hot chocolate

Photo from Flickr Creative Commons: avlxyz

I was working an all-day training session and thus had to pack all my food for the day with me., including my protein powder. The conference center we were at was scare on regular water, but they had hot water. It dawned on me, could I make a hypoglycemic-friendly version of hot chocolate by mixing my Optimum Gold Standard 100% Casein Chocolate Supreme protein powder with hot water?

Turns out, yep! It was a little hard to mix-up the protein powder with the hot water (I swear the colder the water is, the better it mixes), but once I got it mixed, it actually tasted pretty good!


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Three bottles of hard liquor alcohol and crystal glasses

From flickr creative commons: Anton Fomkin

If you are struggling to shed pounds or keep a healthy weight, it may well be your alcohol consumption. Most people don’t think to factor alcohol into their daily caloric intake and, if they do, they miscalculate it (“It’s only 50 calories!” Yeah but that’s pure fat and what are you mixing with it?)

Anyway, here’s a link to an infographic that shows how alcohol contributes to weight gain. I don’t think I’ll ever drink a margarita or pina colada again. Sigh…  Not that I should have had them anyway since they are loaded with sugar.

And, I have noticed that the more I drink, the hungrier I get. Health.com recently named alcohol as one of 11 foods that will make you hungrier so apparently I’m not alone in that.

For more tips on breaking the weight loss plateau, check out my handy quiz on the subject: Quick Quiz: Why can’t I lose weight?

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A hand filling-up a soda at a soda-dispensing machine

“Soda Jerk” by Dano. From Flickr Creative Commons

If you’re hypoglycemic, you SHOULD NOT be drinking soda. It’s probably the worst thing you can do when you’re trying to regular your blood sugar.

If you need some extra motivation, check out the quote and article below.

“In the study, a daily 20-ounce soda was associated with an extra 4.6 years of aging—the same figure seen in smokers.”

Soda ages our cells as much as smoking


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Someone doing yoga with the Dead Sea in the background

Dead Sea yoga by Ian Bothwell from flickr Creative Commons


A couple of years ago, I took a yoga class from the self-proclaimed “least flexible yoga instructor ever,” which gave me comfort since the friend I took it with might as well be Gumby.
During balance moves, the instructor (who also admittedly struggled with balance) told us the trick was to focus on some unmoving point to maintain balance. The more I practice yoga, the more I find this to be true. If I focus on another student and they start to falter, so do I. But if I pick something unmovable, such as a mark on the floor or the base to a stand of weights, my ability to balance increases significantly.
One particularly insightful morning last week, I was finishing my karate circuit training workout with some yoga and it occurred to me that, within this simple yoga rule is a powerful life lesson: if we focus on things that center us, we have a better chance of staying balanced.
This could be major truths, which in my life include the existence of God, faith in humanity, the need for hope, etc. But it could also be things like family, friends, children. It could also be moments, such as a warm breeze making the leaves on the trees sing with it’s presence.
Whatever it is, take a few moments today to contemplate what centers and balances you in your life.

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An empty table at the famous Marchfelderhof Restaurant in Austria

Marchfelderhof Restaurant….oh how I miss Austria. Photo from Flickr Creative Commons, Dennis Jarvis.


One of the things I’ve noticed after becoming much more aware of my eating is that someone offering to buy me lunch or dinner has ceased to be an incentive. I’m not talking about  someone deciding to pick up my check when we are already out; what I’m talking about is those “why don’t I buy you lunch or dinner sometime” offers from salespeople, colleagues, etc.

The reality is, most restaurant food is terrible for you because of the amount of calories (want proof? check out the nutrition info for Pei Wei) and added chemicals and preservatives. And, being a hypoglycemic, I eat a lot, so food has ceased to be this wonderful sensual experience most of the time anyway (although I do love a good cheese plate).

Most of the world bonds over food and offering a free meal is a form of gift-giving.  I understand this, so I try to compromise for coffee or a drink or, if they are someone I am really comfortable with, I’ll offer to cook them a nice meal at my home.

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