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As someone with a background in marketing and a background in academic research, I highly recommend this article from Lifehacker Vitals about food marketing and research.

​How Food Marketers Make You Think You’re Choosing Healthy Food


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A second-story photograph view of a supermarket
From flickr NNECAPA

If you’ve ever been curious about the inner-workings of food marketing, I highly recommend this article, Supersize v undersize: food portions and obesity. As someone who interned in food marketing and took a couple of courses related to the subject in college prior to getting a full-time marketing job, this article does a great job of pointing out some of the tricks of food marketing including increasing package size, making portion sizes confusing, raising prices right before a “buy one get one free” offer, etc. When it comes to food, it’s definitely buyer beware and eater beware!

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