Plan time to grocery shop after a vacation

We just came back from a trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands (I know, poor us). ¬†While we made both our breakfasts and lunches on the trips, we splurged on dinners and I splurged on calorie-dense tropical drinks (I choose the lowest-sugar ones I could). We got home late, thanks to both of our planes…

Grocery check-out conversation

If I’m honest with myself, I was more annoyed because I knew what they were eating was better than what I was.

Battle of Greek Yogurts

Milk naturally has sugar in it, about 7-8 grams naturally occur in an individual-size (7 oz.) Greek yogurt but that’s an ok amount, especially given the protein you are also getting at the same time. What’s not good, especially for hypoglycemics, but really everyone, is the ADDED sugar they put in them.