There, I fixed it (reducing calories and carbohydrates)

It’s cherry season, one of my favorite food seasons of the year! And that also means making one of my favorite foods, this Cherry, Brie, and Pepper pizza. But I’m not willing to kill my eating habits to do it. My dinners are 400 calories, have at least 20 grams of protein, come in somewhere…

It’s ok not to finish your alcohol

I try to choose low-sugar drinks and remember my Italian friends and walk away from a half-done drink without guilt.

Lunch to go

I decided to try a new exercise class today (note to self: in the future when it’s 94 degrees out, make sure the gym has air conditioning). The class went from 11 am – 12 pm and then I knew it would take me a while to get home. This could have been hypoglycemic disaster…

Food closer to original form = better for you

So, both concluded that we’d be better off sticking to a food closer to it’s original form than one created through a highly lab-intensive process. SHOCKED, shocked I tell you! (sarcasm)