Modified Huevos Rancheros

Serves 2 Ingredients: 2-3 corn tortillas per person 1 can Bush’s Cocina Latina Refried Black Beans (any variety) 1 can Enchilada sauce, medium heat 1 small ripe avocado 2-3 eggs per person Shredded Mexican-style cheese Directions: Heat oven to 400 degrees, put tortillas on a cookie sheet and bake until they are completely crispy all…

Dietician-approved snacks

I went to my dietician to find out what snacks I could eat, as a hypoglycemic, that are good for me, will keep my blood sugar even, and keep me full. She really emphasized balancing carbs, protein, and fat in my snacks, so you’ll see that below. I had asked specifically for very portable snacks…

High protein, yummy evening snack

My most recent go-to evening snack is my homemade fruit & nut yogurt parfait. It only takes a minute to make and I really look forward to it at the end of the day.

Healthy breakfast sandwich to go

Ever on the look-out for more natural (NOT a protein bar) meals I can haul with me to the gym and eat after my workout, I came up with this breakfast sandwich that’s oh-so-good and oh-so-good for you. With a blend of high fiber, fat and protein, it’s hypoglycemic-friendly and tastes great!

Easy Recipe: Chicken, bacon, avocado wrap

Here’s an at-home easy recipe minimicking a tasty lunch I had at Del Frisco’s Grille in Dallas. Ingredients: La Tortilla Factory, Whole Wheat Low Carb Tortilla, 1 serving (remove) Bacon, Wright Smoked Bacon – 2 slices, 1 serving (remove) Chicken Breast (cooked), no skin, roasted, 4 ounces (remove) Dole Sweet Baby Lettuces (3 cup serving), .33 serving (remove)…

Recipe: Brie, ham and mustard grilled cheese

Ok, this might win me any health awards, but I do love a good grilled cheese from time to time and won’t apologize for it. My boyfriend and I first tried this recipe with pear slices in it, but it didn’t seem to add much flavor, so I swapped that for some sweet Bavarian mustard….