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Check out this Lifehacker article, What I learned from weighing myself 15 times in a day. Not only is it fascinating, but it’s funny too (come on, you know you laughed at the poop thing).

And it’s a good reminder not to stress about a few pounds, particularly if you are female, as you can fluctuate a lot during any given day.


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Three bottles of hard liquor alcohol and crystal glasses

From flickr creative commons: Anton Fomkin

If you are struggling to shed pounds or keep a healthy weight, it may well be your alcohol consumption. Most people don’t think to factor alcohol into their daily caloric intake and, if they do, they miscalculate it (“It’s only 50 calories!” Yeah but that’s pure fat and what are you mixing with it?)

Anyway, here’s a link to an infographic that shows how alcohol contributes to weight gain. I don’t think I’ll ever drink a margarita or pina colada again. Sigh…  Not that I should have had them anyway since they are loaded with sugar.

And, I have noticed that the more I drink, the hungrier I get. Health.com recently named alcohol as one of 11 foods that will make you hungrier so apparently I’m not alone in that.

For more tips on breaking the weight loss plateau, check out my handy quiz on the subject: Quick Quiz: Why can’t I lose weight?

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