The one thing I changed that stopped me from getting viruses, colds and flu

I travel often for work, so I’m constantly in crowds, on airplanes, on public transportation, etc. What do all of these have in common? Lots of germs.



Today may not have been a good gym day, but I’ll be back tomorrow and try again. Work around your limitations and never stop trying.

Product review: FlapJacked Mighty Muffin with Probiotics

I’m always on the hunt for especially breakfast foods on the go, since I spent a good deal of time traveling, either in hotel rooms or camping. And I love both breakfast foods and anything chocolate, so I was really excited to hear about the new FlapJacked Mighty Muffins.

Discovering Trader Joes

If you have a Trader Joe’s in your area, spend the time and give it a try. It’s worth it. 

Shopping at Whole Foods doesn’t make you skinny

The benefit of upscale grocery chains such as Whole Foods is that they have an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, and unprocessed foods. If you stick to those while shopping at Whole Foods, you have a much better chance of reaching your weight goals. 

Lunch to go

I decided to try a new exercise class today (note to self: in the future when it’s 94 degrees out, make sure the gym has air conditioning). The class went from 11 am – 12 pm and then I knew it would take me a while to get home. This could have been hypoglycemic disaster…

Plan time to grocery shop after a vacation

We just came back from a trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands (I know, poor us).  While we made both our breakfasts and lunches on the trips, we splurged on dinners and I splurged on calorie-dense tropical drinks (I choose the lowest-sugar ones I could). We got home late, thanks to both of our planes…

Food closer to original form = better for you

So, both concluded that we’d be better off sticking to a food closer to it’s original form than one created through a highly lab-intensive process. SHOCKED, shocked I tell you! (sarcasm)